Thank you everyone!

Look! We're on YouTube! 

Thanks everyone for joining us at our RTX 2013 booth! We had such a fantastic turn-out and we feel that we can only move forward in a positive direction from here. We received great feedback from each of the players about our Oculus Rift demo and are pleased to have been able to provide an immersive yet challenging experience! We will be working diligently on the next stage of our build until the release of the consumer version of the Oculus Rifts and will keep you posted!

Currently, we are working on transitioning from our old office at Chicon to our new home office! Once we are done with the moving process, we will provide you guys with more updates on our demo direction and team direction.

We thank you for staying in tune with Bursting Brains and for keeping an interest in our development with the Oculus Rift VR! Expect more to come from us and we are always open to chat. Keep your eyes open for the next exciting update!