Tom Yu, CEO

"Success is measured by the amount of people you help."

Tom is the founder of Bursting Brains Inc. and is an aspiring individual that is leading our team to greatness. His hard work and passion is contagious!

Tom finished college and is currently enjoying life in Austin. He believes that there is no better place for him to pursue his gaming vision. He is excited about the future possibility of video games. He won't stop talking about virtual reality and augmented reality gaming of the future. But when he is not obsessing over the video game industry, he is pulling a lame magic trick or rapping very badly. No, he's kidding, he's actually really good at both of those things. He's drawn to games that explore gameplay designs that have never been done. A recent favorite of his is Garden of Eden for the Playstation Move.

Sophia Yu, CCO

"Negative thinking can darken your world, but positive thinking can color it."

Sophia is a quirky art student and aspiring animator, often spending her free time sneakily sketching unaware people around her (what she likes to refer to as "people-watching"). Currently attending Savannah College of Art & Design, her hobbies include drawing, collecting art prints, running a sewing business on the side, reading articles on happiness, raving about bananas, and studying the facial features of other people. Despite her lack of formal art training before college, she strongly believes that her passion and dedication to her aspirations will pull her through and ultimately leave her successful and happy. Some of her favorite games include Left 4 Dead, Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, the Uncharted Series, and Pixeljunk Eden. Her newest favorite? Paddletronic Duel!


Oliver Wu, Software Engineer

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Yongyi Zhou, Artist

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