Happy Tuesday!

As you may know, Bursting Brains is an Austin, TX  start-up company. We are hoping to pave the way for the future of mobile gaming. It is our passion to serve the gaming community and preserve the love of multiplayer gaming through the use of tablets. Help our studio grow by downloading and reviewing our latest game, Paddletronic Duel. Get it while its free!!

On other business, we are welcoming our new interns on board! Look out for an introductory update soon. We are very glad to grow in knowledge and talent. It has also been quite the pleasure working with (and at), Chicon Collective. Come visit us during Austin Start-up Week, October 8-12!!

To close, we have moved another step closer to building company recognition. Our latest promotional tool...S T I C K E R S ! Stay tuned for t-shirts and novelties. 

-Katrina Funtanilla, COO