Tis' the season

Happy holidays from the Bursting Brains team!!

To top off the winter break with some good news....Everyone here at Bursting Brains is excited to leave 2012 with some awesome approaches to the new year. To start, Chicon Collective has moved down the hall into Suite A. The new space is awesome! We now have two in-suite bathrooms, kitchen area, meeting room, Jerry's personal music room, and comes equipped with a ping-pong table! The company wish list asks Santa for a team set of Nerf Guns for a Chicon battle of the start-ups! Watch out rollypolly ;)

We have recently hired a handful of talented programmers and artists all with the desire to create fun games. Prior to the break, we intend on releasing an update to Paddletronic Duel, so be on the look out for a new challenge! Also,  we are awaiting the super-duper cool virtual reality headset developer kit to arrive for the Oculus Rift, expected to ship in March. Imagine a gamer society with mobile fun-for-all apps and 3D gaming at the turn of your head. This is what we are striving to create every waking day and our minds are constantly collaborating every minute to give users exactly what they're waiting for. Stay tuned, friends and have a wonderful winter!