I challenge you to a DUEL!!

Howdy from Bursting Brains Studio! 

Its a great Friday and new adventures are sure to unfold this weekend. First off, as newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, I'd like to extend a huge thanks to the Yu duo for welcoming me on board. Awaiting the beginning of my final year at UT pursuing a BS Advertising and Cert. Business , I am pleased that I am able to apply what I am learning in the classroom with Bursting Brains :) 

Things are speeding in the right direction with the upcoming release of Paddletronic Duel. For all purposes, I will be holding weekly "Coffee Duels" every Friday morning from 8AM-1230PM in the Flawn Academic Center on UT's campus to give those morning players a chance to help test the first version of the game on various tablet platforms. This will be of much help to our team in deciding what mediums work best and also to troubleshoot before our launch. Not to mention all comers will have the chance to hangout and try an organic beverage from the newest addition to the FAC -- Briggo, the world's first Coffee Robot!

Order before you get here @ www.briggo.com

-Katrina Funtanilla, COO