Paddletronic Duel... Almost there!!!

The development of Paddletronic Duel has been quite the adventure! We have three super stars here at Team Bursting Brains, and each of them brings a unique skill and fresh perspective to the group. Our recent addition, Katrina Funtanilla, has accelerated both our marketing initiative and business development. Content creator Sophia Yu designed a variety of awesome paddles, each ingrained with a unique personality to fit the play style of any player. And when I'm not daydreaming, I'm the one putting all the pieces together - I'm Tom Yu, the CEO of Bursting Brains, and I prefer speaking in first person over third.

Just a few college kids who believe in quality games, we really love and are proud of our first product, Paddletronic Duel. We're sick of subpar games on the market that care more driving ads about dental hygiene down our throats rather than providing an overall fun experience. The bottom line is that we care about creating an enjoyable experience for our players. Our goal is simple: Make fun games. And guess what? Paddletronic Duel is FREAKING FUN!!!! So get ready, because it's coming to the Play Store SOON!

-Tom Yu, CEO