Hello to all! 

New and exciting things have been happening for Bursting Brains. First off, we are proud to announce that Bursting Brains now has an official office space located conveniently in East Austin called Chicon Collective. Special thanks to Taylor Hou for making this possible. Go check out his start-up, Rolly Polly

Second, we'd like to welcome our new intern -- Jerry Yuan. He will be contributing some badass electronic tracks for our current game, Paddletronic Duel, and also help on the developmental side for our upcoming game.  If you are interested in becoming one of our awesome interns, contact Katrina Funtanilla for further info.

Lastly, not many faces have shown up bright and early for our weekly Coffee Duels, so we decided to move them to 12:30 - 6PM EVERY FRIDAY at Briggo, located in the Flawn Academic Center on UT's Campus. Who doesn't want to paddle smack and drink robot coffee?!

This concludes my post. Good day ya'll!