Juego Rancheros & Media Molecule

Hey friends!! Check out our company artwork from our Juegos Rancheros team night. The guest company was the UK's very own Media Molecule. They were quite entertaining and creative with their presentation. The gallery below showcases the "dead corpse" activity that was conducted by the audience, including ourselves. The instructions were to fold a piece of paper into three separate sections, and create a character beginning with the head. Then pass the paper to a teammate, keeping the previous section hidden, and continue drawing the body and legs.

Earlier that same night, Tom and I had the pleasure of attending a SXSWedu hoorah with the UT Game Development department and had a great networking opportunity to get to know the local gaming community. It's a huge pleasure to live and work in the Austin where the gaming scene is a mix of indie and big league developers, placing Bursting Brains right on the map. We are continually striving to make ourselves known in this big industry, so we thank all of our followers for your support.

Also, we want to welcome two new awesome artists to our team, Joanna and Dillon. Look out for their bios and concept artwork soon! Peace and love everyone!