Game: Paddletronic Duel

Developer: Bursting Brains Studio

CEO: Xuejian Tom Yu -

Art Director: Sophia Yu -


Company Overview:  Bursting Brains Studio was founded May 21st, 2012 by Tom Yu, a college student at the time who was majoring in Computer Science. His sister, Sophia Yu, was able to round out the talent pool with her experience in digital art and anything creative related. They used their respective talent to create something more than either one of them could create individually. And that's how Bursting Brains was born. Midway through the summer, Katrina Funtanilla joined the team and Bursting Brains grew even stronger. This person had experience in video game advertising and helping start-ups grow. She launched this site and is now critical to our marketing operations. She has been at the front lines engaging  and promoting to customers while also working on initiatives to reach a wider audience. Tom finished college the end of that summer along with launch Bursting Brain's first game, Paddletronic Duel.


Two goals, two paddles, one ball.

Paddletronic Duel is a brand new break-through tablet game that has reinvented and futurized the classic arcade game Pong, taking it to an entirely new level. In this game, players battle back and forth in the midst of dynamic obstacles and electrifying challenges!

With specialized paddles, players can experiment with a variety of game strategies - throw shurikens at your enemy with the Ninja paddle, or smash the ball with full force as a Tank. And for the nostalgic players? Go old-school with the Classic Paddle!

Testing both your quick reflexes and creative use of the paddles, Paddletronic Duel is an absolute must for those who are looking for a truly immersive experience between you and a friend. Simplistic controls makes this an easy game to pick up - simply put your finger to the screen and be ready to attack your opponent with all your might!

Grab a friend, pick your paddle wisely, and may the best player win!


- Fast paced pong-style arcade action

- Interactive game with two players
- Various paddles with different abilities to make each battle unique
- Dynamic obstacles with aesthetic visuals    

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